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21st December 2019
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8th January 2020

At Gutter Mate Local I clean/clear guttering, repair guttering and I install almost all types of Guttering, Fascias and Soffit’s. Everything I do is done to a high standard and each job is always neat as can be. Upon completion of each job I test the guttering to ensure that the water drains away correctly.  All old materials are cut up and taken away leaving your home clean and tidy. All works are fully guaranteed. All I ask is that you maintain your guttering every year. If anything fails, such as joints. They will be replaced free of charge. If you do not maintain your guttering and parts fail, then you will be charged for the new parts. Gutter maintenance does cost to clear out the debris. This part  is out of my control and guttering will always fill up with leaves, moss, sand off the tiles and what birds drip into the guttering.  The brushes and hedge hogs don’t work. Your guttering will always become full of debris at some point. The only sure way is to have them cleared every year.  Quotes are always free, and my quotes are an invitation to buy only.  If you have work done by me great, if not I will never hound you to have work done by me.

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