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29th November 2019
realigning guttering in Wolverhampton
9th December 2019

The only cure for maintaining your gutters is a regular clean out once a year, but depending on how many trees you have close to your property.   The gimmicks they sell to put in your guttering, such as the long snake type brushes are just a total waist of time.  Regular maintenance is the key to healthy gutters.  Have them emptied once a year followed by a few buckets of water that is poured into the guttering to ensure that they aren’t leaking from the joints. This is a  must!  Once the debris has been cleared out it will expose problems if there are any. The debris acts as a dam and will masks any leaks at the joints. Pouring water into the down pipe will make sure its free of debris. If the down pipe is blocked, a bucket of water will expose this problem by filling up very quickly and spewing out the top of the outlet!

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