22nd November 2019

Vents underneath Soffit boards

Hi,   Had to take off some guttering, fascias and soffits the other day and noticed that whoever fitted the soffit boards had gone straight over […]
22nd November 2019

free guttering advice

Hi,   If you have any leaks on your guttering then it is either a blocked guttering, down pipe or the joint has failed. When cleaning […]
19th November 2019

Fitting Guttering

Its been a while since I have posted on my blog. Been extremely busy I am currently on a job where I am having to take […]
26th January 2019

Eaves protection and new guttering wolverhampton

Fitted new guttering and saw that the tiles wernt sitting over the guttering properly. When this happens the water misses the guttering entirely and runs down […]
20th January 2019

gutter cleaning, repairs, soffits fascias and guttering

Gutter Mate Local offers a second to none service in wolverhampton and surrounding areas. Up to a 30 mile radius depending on of the type job. […]
18th January 2019

Repairing leaky joints

Hi   If your joints are leaking, do not attempt to seal them as this just doesnt work. If it does work it will only be […]